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Years ago I gave an interview for the greek magazine EINAI (´EINAI´ means ´is´). Today I found this magazine in a box. Issue No. 653/18 NOV 2003... 14 years ago... damn, time goes by so fast.

Reporter: Mr. Stoltidis, what are the reasons your clients turn to you?

A. Stoltidis: With regard to private citizens, they turn to us for personal and family problems, while companies come to us in search of debtors, personnel control or collaborators, and imitation of products. However, we do not always take on all cases. We do not accept those which conflict with our professional ethics. We do not gather evidence for the interested party who wants to use it for malicious or blackmailing purposes. Also, we do not take on cases where the client is a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy for the obvious reasons.

Reporter: Is the majority of your clientele, men or women?

A. Stoltidis: The majority of our clientele is women, at a percentage of 65%. Although it should be noted that, as far as personal cases are concerned, women who come to our agency confirm their suspicions by 90% by the end of our investigation.

Reporter: What does one need to be a good investigator?

A. Stoltidis: Above all a good education. Besides the ability to complete an assignment, many times a private investigator needs to properly guide the client who perhaps due to unpleasant findings may act out in a manner that may impede his position or complicate him in dangerous or distressing situations. The associates of our agency must be trustworthy and properly trained. The characteristics of a good investigator are insight, patience and the ability to adapt to the conditions of the investigation. Good knowledge and the use of new technology are considered essential.

Reporter: Do your clients seek discretion and are they hesitant to approach you in order for you to solve their problem?

A. Stoltidis: Our clients ask for reliability, discretion and a human approach from our part. Our referred clients are not hesitant because they are familiar with the quality of the services that we offer. However, we always try to exceed their expectations.

Reporter: Can you recall an anonymous case, which left an impression on you?

A. Stoltidis: It is a great temptation for a investigator to discuss anonymous cases and even more interesting perhaps for those who hear them or read about them. However, that which should characterize an investigation agency is silence, discretion and respect for the client.

Reporter: Do you consider our society today better or worse than in the past?

A. Stoltidis: I believe that it has progressed with both positive and negative consequences.

Reporter: Thank you for your time Mr. Stoltidis.

A. Stoltidis: It was my pleasure.

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